Brides of Paradise

Romantic Comedy with a Tropical Heart

Welcome to the Caribbean where the sun is warm and the billionaires are warm-hearted. Brides of Paradise is a romantic comedy series centering around the Andersens, an unusually wealthy Danish-American family  with an even less usual number of hunky unattached men.

Full of sunsets, tropical scenery, and characters you’ll come to love…and of course, always a happy ending. (Rated PG-13 for just a touch of spice.)

Midsummer Night’s Bride -NEW Release-

Brides of Paradise #3

The course of true love never did run smooth

Master Sergeant Mike Evans knows what he wants when he gets out of the Air Force: to collect the vintage fishing boat he helped restore as a kid and cruise the world in honor of the great-uncle who left it to him.

Young widow Lane Talmadge knows what she wants, too: to reopen Cruz Bay’s Enlightenment Community Theatre and earn a living so she can support her small girls.

Hearts collide when Mike finds out he’s inherited Lane’s building. Should he give up his boat to pay for theatre repairs? Or sell the property and convince Lane and her daughters to sail away with him? And can two lovers find happiness sharing a single midsummer night’s dream?

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Vacation Bride

Brides of Paradise #1

When Anna Williams lands a spot on the Vacation Bride reality show, she’s hoping to give her sick father a break from the Milwaukee winter, not win a rich husband. Which is good, because the hunky maintenance man whose broad shoulders and clear blue eyes have caught her attention is neither rich nor part of the contest…is he?

Chris Andersen was a disinherited resort brat until his uncle’s family crashed their private helicopter during an argument over money. Now Chris is a secret billionaire, determined to make the Paradise Resort a success on its own. To pay for improvements, he’s hosting his cousin’s internet reality series, Vacation Bride, a show where women compete to win a rich husband. The women are silly and the show’s a lot of work, but the publicity seems worth it. At least until Chris finds out he may be entering the contest himself…as first prize….

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Sweetheart Bride

Brides of Paradise #2

Growing up on the tropical paradise of St. John, environmentalist Ellie Green had three goals: study ecology, save the planet, and marry Ryan Andersen, the dreamy older boy who hung out at the Paradise Resort next door. Ten years later, Ellie’s college plans are in ruins and the planet isn’t saved, but she still has a chance to marry Ryan. All she has to do is help him bulldoze her childhood home and build an island-destroying casino.

Billionaire Ryan Andersen has it all: charisma, women, and a talent for starting new businesses. But Ryan’s never managed to stick with any business–or woman–for long. When Ryan gambles his fortune on developing a world-class casino, he finds himself accidentally engaged to environmentalist Ellie Green. But convincing Ellie to go along with the project won’t be a problem. As long as he doesn’t lose his head and fall in love….

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