Privacy Policy

Welcome to This site does not use cookies and does not collect personal information unless you voluntarily provide your email address in order to join my Readers Group. (But if you DO join, I’ll send you a free story, so what are you waiting for?)

What’s recorded here?

Depending on how I feel about dealing with funky admin stuff, I may incorporate Google Analytics or other apps that track stuff like what link or search words you use to come here, which pages you visit, what part of the world you’re in, and basically whatever anonymous data can be squeezed out of your screaming, tortured internet address.

How do I use this juicy info?

I check about once a month so I can say things like “Oh – Somebody in Finland looked up my books,” or “Hey, I got a bunch of visitors from a new site. Maybe they posted a review. Is it good? Is it good?”

In other words, my usage falls somewhere on the scale of curiosity to narcissism…but I try to keep it on the humble side as much as possible. I don’t save, sell, share or disclose information except for the good review stuff, which I show my husband. Google collects statistics, but the details are too complicated for me to understand or explain. Here’s their Terms of Service. You can  install a browser plugin to opt out of Google Analytics tracking software to (in theory) prevent Google Analytics from tracking your visits on any website.

What about Amazon links?

Some of the book links on this site are “Affiliate links” which means that if you click through to a site like Amazon and buy something (not necessarily my book, even) a tiny percentage of the price of the item will be credited to me as advertising revenue.

Many nonprofit sites also use affiliate links, so by all means feel free to click through to Amazon from the site of your choice, search for my book manually, and buy it that way. Make your ad revenue a force for good in the world!

That’s everything to the best of my understanding. Hope you enjoy the site!